RE Curriculum

As a Voluntary Controlled school, we use the Locally Agreed RE Syllabus (Lancashire SACRE) to teach our children about religious traditions and practices. The Lancashire SACRE is a non-denominational syllabus. Christianity is taught for 50% of the curriculum, with our children learning about and exploring traditions in other faiths across the other 50%. By the end of KS2, our pupils will have touched upon all the six major world faiths in the world today.


The principal aim for RE in Lancashire is:

‘To support pupils’ personal quest for meaning by engaging enquiry into the question
“What is it to be human?” exploring answers offered by religion and beliefs.’

– (Lancashire Agreed Syllabus For Religious Education, 2016)

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Lancashire SACRE

Religion and belief inform our values and are reflected in what we say and how we behave. RE is an important subject in itself, developing an individual’s knowledge and understanding of the religion and belief which form part of contemporary society.

– (Lancashire Agreed Syllabus For Religious Education, 2016)