Whole School Curriculum Overview

At Staining CE VC Primary School, we have designed a unique and exciting curriculum that will prepare our children for the ever-changing world of their future.  

It has been designed by the staff team at Staining to best match the needs of the pupils in our care.  Our curriculum  meets the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum (2014).  The National Curriculum is a set of subjects and standards used by primary schools so children learn the same things. It covers what subjects are taught and the standards children should reach in each subject.  Schools have the autonomy to decide on how this content is delivered and through what approaches.  



At the heart of our school are our vision and values:

Our Vision: Learn to Wonder, Grow is Wisdom, Shine like Stars.

This is further developed by the importance we place upon:

Our Values: Be Kind, Show Respect, Work Hard, Aim High and Teamwork.

Together, our vision and values form the basis for all we do here at Staining – they underpin our curriculum and the ethos of the school.  

In order to Learn to Wonder – children have access to open-ended, enquiry driven learning that stimulates the reader, writer, mathematician, scientist, gardener, cook, engineer, dancer, sportsperson, historian, geographer, artist, musician inside them.  They must learn to do this with empathy, kindness and support and develop these skills for themselves. 

In order to Grow in Wisdom – children must develop their understanding of the world around them and their place within it.  They must have access to experiences, learning opportunities and environment in order to develop, apply and master their increasing knowledge and skills 

In order to Shine Like Stars – children must have opportunities that challenge them and allow them to develop new skills.  They must be allowed to fail and develop a growth mindset in order to become proud of themselves and develop intrinsic motivation.  These opportunities must be across a broad spectrum of subjects and topics as all are children are unique and excel in different ways. 

We want children to leave us happy and confident, in pursuit of their own personal excellence and prepared for the world as it opens out in front of them.  

Through our vision and values, we foster an environment where the emotional, physical, academic, social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of each child is considered. We firmly believe that everyone is entitled to an ambitious curriculum and our curriculum design is accessible for all, including children with SEND and disadvantaged backgrounds.


To do this we have carefully designed our curriculum to enable learners to acquire relevant subject knowledge which underpins the application of skills.  Key Learning (skills and knowledge) is carefully and progressively mapped across each phase (EYFS, Key Stage 1, Lower Key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage 2) and subject area.

No two lessons are the same because our teachers react to the children in front of them.  We challenge learning all the time. 

Learn to Wonder

Teachers react to the needs of all pupils.  They plan learning carefully around an ’enquiry question’ during thematic sessions.  We question children in order to challenge them to think for themselves, to apply what they already know and work out what they don’t – they learn to ‘wonder’.  

Grow in Wisdom

Knowledge is consolidated and built upon through our thematic approach.  Where relevant, topics are revisited to allow children to recall and apply the key information that we feel is important in order for them to be successful in the future.  Our curriculum is separated into thematic ‘blocks’ to provide for deeper understanding and prepares our children for subject specific learning in Secondary School.  

Shine like Stars 

Children are supported to develop a growth mindset – to have their own thoughts and therefore become responsible for their own learning.  In this way they understand that their efforts reap rewards.  Teachers actively teach learning behaviours and how to approach new knowledge as well as how to apply previously learned skills.  Pupils become intrinsically motivated to learn and master their knowledge and skills across the broad range of subjects.  This is especially encouraged through our variety of lessons – including regular outdoor learning and gardening.  Children excel in different ways and we ensure our lessons are varied and different in order to find, nurture and celebrate shining talent.   

How do we plan for our Curriculum?

Planning takes on the form of blocks and these are delivered over a period of time. Planning is led by the enquiry driver, which staff use to plan a series of lessons that aim to answer the enquiry driver question. Subject leaders are integral to the planning process and understand the pathway that their subjects take. Progression of knowledge and skills is carefully mapped across Key Stages.


Teachers set high standards, using our values as the means to ensure this.  We support children to embed the values of Be Kind, Show Respect, Work Hard, Aim High and Teamwork.  These are actively taught through lesson content but also through how we communicate, interact and socialise with each other.  This is a consistent and persistent message across school.  




We expect children to achieve at least in line or above with the national standards. 


When pupils leave Staining Primary School: 

They have curiosity, can ask and answer questions – they have learned to wonder.  

They have a secure understanding of the academic content they have learned – they have grown in wisdom.  

They have had the chance to experience lots and be good and bad at some things and learned to persevere, fail, and have a growth mindset – they have shone like stars.  


In order to achieve all this, they have been well supported by staff and other children through our values to learn to: Be Kind, Show Respect, Work Hard, Aim High and Teamwork