At Staining CE VC Primary School, we aim to provide opportunities for all of our children to experience and develop a love for. We want our children to enjoy and excel in high quality PE and school sport whilst incorporating a range of motivational activities in which pupils learn both sporting and life skills through challenge and competition.

Our class teachers, working alongside specialist teachers, deliver a high-quality PE curriculum that inspires all children take part in sport and excel in various different sporting fields.

Physical education, physical activity and school sport has always had a high profile at Staining CE VC Primary School. This is shown through our timetabled physical education sessions, our after-school sports clubs and competitive teams. We believe that both equal opportunity and developing excellence in sport contribute to the development of young people.

We want all children to leave Staining CE VC Primary School with the understanding that physical activity is ‘fun’ and a vital part of their lives in terms of leading a healthy lifestyle and forming relationships.


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