Online Safety

We strongly believe that keeping children safe online is an important aspect of our safeguarding at Staining CE Primary School. 


It is essential that we work with you as their family to support our pupils into becoming confident and safe users of the online world.  Our pupils will be encouraged to maximise the benefits and opportunities that technology has to offer. We will also ensure that children will learn in a safe and secure environment so that they can learn effectively. 


Our aim is that pupils will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to use 21st Century technology appropriately and responsibly. We teach online safety across the school curriculum to support children learning how to recognise the risks associated with this technology and how to deal with them, both inside and outside the school environment. They will also be given guidance on who to ask for help should help be needed.


If you have any concerns about an Online Safety issue, or would like more information, please contact school.


Wake Up Wednesday


The #WakeUpWednesday campaign is viewed as one of the most trusted and reputable learning resources in the UK, providing expert advice on the latest platforms and online risks that parents and carers need to know about through a beautifully engaging and content rich design. A brand-new guide is released every Wednesday and is posted on their website each week.


You can find them all on the National Online Safety website.