Ethos and Values

School Ethos & Values


“Our vision is of a Christian school that has high expectations of its children and the adults who work here. We aim to develop the full potential of all our pupils whilst nurturing the strong links between school, home, church and the wider community.”


We have five school values and these are: Work Hard, Aim High, Be Kind, Show Respect and Teamwork. All members of the school are expected to demonstrate these values.

Importantly, these are then underpinned and explored through Christian Values in order to provide a spiritual basis for recognising and implementing these values in our daily lives as we all endeavour to be upstanding members of our wider community:

Work Hard

  • Justice
  • Endurance

Aim High

  • Creation
  • Hope

Be Kind

  • Service
  • Compassion

Show Respect

  • Reverence
  • Humility


  • Friendship
  • Forgiveness